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Opportunities 35/35
Well, folks, this is it – the end of what was supposed to be a series of short vignettes that somewhere along the way turned into a really long story.
I want to thank all of you who’ve taken the time to comment on my story. I know I didn’t reply to every entry but rest assured that I read and greatly appreciated each and every one.
And, finally, a huge shout-out to my beta, gone ashore. Some betas simply correct spelling and grammar – and that’s great.  But others do what she did, which is challenge me, push me at every turn, and – at the end of the process – made this a better story and made me a better writer.  I can’t begin to express my thanks.
And now for the EpilogueCollapse )

Opportunities 34/35
Year 3 -- McCoy ConcludesCollapse )

Opportunities 33/35
The InquisitionCollapse )

Opportunities 32/35
 McCoy Year 3 – Continued
There was the shriek of another mortar round . . . Collapse )

Opportunities 31/35
 McCoy – Year 3
Perchance to LeadCollapse )

Opportunities 30/35
On Call -- Year 3 ConcludesCollapse )

Opportunities 29/35
 On Call -- Year 3 (continued)

"Just how stupid can you be?"Collapse )

Opportunities 28/35
 On Call – Year 3
Read more...Collapse )

Opportunities 27/35
Mock POW -- ConfrontationCollapse )

Opportunities 26/35
 Year 3 – Kirk (continued)

Warning:  This chapter contains explicit physical violence.  
Mock POW -- CapitulationCollapse )